How can I raise my Melancholy/get Melancholy? I need it at level 4 to do that libretto for the Celestial school.

Mostly, it’s card-based. The ‘weather at last’ card is the one that springs to mind, but several give that quality. It is also farmable by POSIs, by buying sapphires in Empire Adornments (in the sidestreets). More desperate people could go to the Iron Republic, but that’s POSI only too.

There are a fair few opportunities out there, but I don’t know any storylets accessible to pre-POSI people.


On a side note, thank you for always replying to my questions! (And congratulations on 500 posts, lel)

Certain story events have endings that give melancholy, and certain dream cards also raise it. So my rather unhelpful advice is to finish stories, and to pick any answer that looks like it involves brooding or dashed ideals. :)


On a side note, thank you for always replying to my questions! (And congratulations on 500 posts, lel)[/quote]

You’re welcome, and thank you :-)

[ul][li]&quotPatron, is it?&quot from &quotCity Vices: an Entanglement with an Old Friend&quot gives +1CP (also Forceful +1, Magnanimous -1)
[/li][/ul][ul][li]&quotNo. You do not know anyone&quot from &quotA dream about a familiar face&quot gives +1CP (also Nightmares +1CP)
[/li][/ul][ul][li]&quotSo much has been lost&quot from &quotWeather at last&quot gives +3CP, but also -3CP Hedonist!
[/li][/ul][ul][li]&quotMope&quot from &quotWhere’s my soul?&quot gives 2CP, but you need to sell your soul first[/li][/ul]

Thank you everyone.

And… Sell… my… soul?

Probably not worth it because it locks you out of useful University content later on.

For the Struggling Artist card, giving him Jade raise both Melancholy and Magnanimous.

If you have a Bandaged Raven, you can ask for tales from Surface on its card; success result in 3 Vision of the Surface while failure gives you Melancholy up to level 9.

If you have a bottle of Tears of the Bazaar you can get yourself and your Melancholy high on it, but you probably don’t have it. It is also risky.
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Oh, my sweet summer child.

One day a pretty Devil & Deviless will call on you…

Thank you, Estelle.

I’d rather the Ambitious Barrister call on me, not a Devil or Deviless.

Ah, sooner or later, the devils come to us all.


I’d rather they not come for me before I achieve my goals.

You don’t have to sell your soul. My main never has, and they won’t try if you don’t have any Hell connections. You won’t suddenly lose your soul, either, so you don’t need to worry about that.

I have Hell connection lvl1.

You need to choose to start the story from the A devil’s taken a shine to you card by writing a risqué note. There is also a fate-locked opportunity to become an Intimate of devils [spoiler] don’t drink with a devil in a fate locked area {/spoiler]

Yep, that’s a good level. :) 5 is required to draw the card to start the story (outside of the Fate-locked method or the House of Chimes method).

also, if you’re closest to urchins, their counting-the-days oppurtunity actually gives melancholy- completely counter-intuitive, given their usuall effects on melancholy.

Thank you for all the help!