Melancholy Curate story in the era Making the Name

I am replaying early content on an alt.

I’ve just written a Short Story and the next level is gaining admission to the Ball, which I almost automatically clicked on (having all the required resources). Just in the nick of time I noticed that the &quotMelancholy Curate and his… Sister?&quot storylet requires exactly NSwaF 3. Am I reading this right? If I proceed with gaining admission to the ball without clicking on that storylet first I lose access to the Melancholy Curate story forevermore?

If it requires exactly 3 then you’ll definitely lose access to it if you progress up to 4.

Yes, that is the literal reading of the mechanic, I realise.

I suppose the point of my post is 1) to express surprise that such a major story is so easily locked out and 2) to clarify that there isn’t a second similar storylet that unlocks at level 4. At earlier levels some storylets came in pairs - one for an exact value and one for higher values (for example, Writing Desk). So I was just checking this isn’t the case for Melancholy Curate

If Melancholy Curate+His Sister blocks at NSWF 4, I’ll be sorely disappointed, that thing is a huge grind and it doesn’t feel right to block it like that if someone wants to wait until their Persuasive is high enough.

I’m not seeing a duplicate version for 4, alas. It is pretty grindy, but it’s a decent way to build up your Persuasive in preparation for the Shuttered Palace. You can always submit feedback here if you’d like to suggest keeping it around for a couple more levels:

It does block and I’m disappointed as well. It hasn’t provided that 400cp of Persuasive in some time (I think its 150 now). But I enjoyed both the way it nested new options on the mechanical side and the writing.