Meeting the Mercies

I really want to make the acquaintance of Lettice at the Feast, but I just can’t make the acquaintance of the Mercies. I’ve been drawing for the card fruitlessly since the Feast started, with no luck, and now I’m concerned that I won’t draw it at all in time to spend my Masquing. Is there any other way to meet the Mercies?

I’m afraid the Bandages and Dust card is the only way I know of to meet them. You’ll be able to trade in your Masquing for a while, so hang in there! I’m certain you will get the fortunate result on the card before that option is taken away from you. There will be some sort of alternate means after the Feast is over anyhow, so you’ll always be capable of getting her. Not sure what this alternate method will be, but at least it will be there.

I’d pay Fate to auto-draw it, but the Tomb-Colonists are the only faction with an extra requirement for that - you have to have met the Mercies already!

I’ve been trying to get this card myself; do you know if it’s locked to any specific location (i.e., Watchmaker’s Hill or Wolfstack)? Since it’s a “dangerous” card I’ve been hanging around Watchmaker’s Hill, but I thought I’d look around to see if I’m wasting my time here!

Thanks! :)

It’s not specific to any location, so you don’t have to worry about that. Good luck!

Thanks! I’ll keep flipping cards! :)