Meeting Mr Sacks 2013

This will be the first Sacksmas that I am active in Fallen London. How do I encounter Mr Sacks?

I had thought perhaps we had longer to wait, but I’ve seen someone echo that Mr Sacks sits on their windowsill, in white and red furs.
edited by dragonridingsorceress on 12/9/2013

I do believe those are echoes from last year’s content, which might have left been unfinished and then reactivated by this time of year.

That sounds like a card from last year. I guess somebody only just now got around to finishing that content! I’m pretty sure he’s not out and about yet.

It’s still a bit early in the month for the dread to arrive at our doors, I think. There have been whispers, and just after Hallowmas I think there was a mention of six weeks, so I in the next week or so whatever content they have planned could start to appear.