Maybe I dropped my bundle of oddities overboard?

So the &quotraise the black flag!&quot option for the &quotthose engines don’t sound healthy&quot card while at sea now rewards a bundle of oddities (last time I went out it was a different reward, but that was a while ago) I like this :) BUT it doesn’t take you to the &quotopening a bundle of oddities&quot screen when you succeed, just drops you back on the story page once you hit &quotonwards&quot. No bundle. No reward. sadness
I’m guessing that’s not meant to happen?

You should open the bundle when you finish your zee journey. Or maybe when you reach London, specifically, don’t really recall.

Oh, well that’s odd. Also annoying, so I can only get a reward for that card once per journey then? Hmph. My ship has a large (if rusty) deck, I see no reason why I can’t open it at Zee :p (but thanks for the info! :heart:)

Edit: Ah, yes, I see I do have the &quotopening a bundle of oddities&quot quality hidden under &quotcircumstance&quot. Good to know.
edited by Inky Petrel on 12/17/2013

You can open it when you get back to London. If you hoist the Black Flag again you will get a different reward.

A shame they changed it as I used to like getting lots of different items from piracy.

You can only open Bundles in London. If you choose the raiding option on that card again you’ll just get 124(?) Primordial Shrieks.

Ah ok, thank you :)

[color=#009900]I’ve got a bug ticket in about this at the mo which when I have time I will, I’m afraid, probably fix by making it a non-Bundle of Oddities reward.[/color][li]
[color=#009900]We had to take the original random reward functionality out because, do you know, reminding me about the intricacies of exactly why we had to is going to make me cry, so I’ll stop here.[/color]

I would offer a hug, but you are a tiger and I don’t think I visit the Boatman when I die.

For what my personal opinion’s worth, though, I think the current system (the BoI that drops Muscaria Brandy and the 124 PS afterwards) is just fine. It would be nice if the second raiding option had some text with it, but all in all it’s a good way of making Zee trips less unprofitable.

I am amused by the notion of a Bundle of Oddities that refuses to open until you set foot in London again…

Aww, I upset the tiger! :( hugs his big fluffy face I promise it’s not my intention to give you a headache! :D

I’m with OPG here, I’m all for anything that makes the Zee voyages even a tiny bit more profitable. Be that odd bundles, or just one or two more rewarding things to do as we sail? Maybe some ill-advised deep-Zee fishing? Or perhaps we could haul up one or two of the poor clay men who’ve been dumped overboard by other, more ruthless zailors :D

Between Eaten difficulties, continuing layout and mechanics reforms, Kickstarter wrapup, and Sunless Sea development, I wouldn’t wonder if the Tiger Keeper & Co. weren’t having a bit of a difficult time of it lately. I can only third the offer of hugs, and wonder if we can offer any balm and succour, only in a way that doesn’t sound as unintentionally suggestive as ‘balm and succour’!

[color=#009900]You’re sweethearts! but it was by no means as harrowing as I made it sound, just a paradigmatically elaborate instance of yak shaving. [/color][li]

Now there’s a rather odd mental image :p One imagines it would involve vast quantities of shaving foam, and one very laid-back yak.

A laid-back yak can be induced with laudanum. Laudanum is probably best gathered with the help of a winsome orphan. Winsome orphans can be purchased at the bazaar. The bazaar is located deep underground. Getting deep underground will require us to acquire a drilling apparatus. Drilling aparatus(es? ii?) are expensive, therefore we will first need to create a multinational conglomerate, then we can shave the yak.