May There Be Indiscretions

Is there any way to &quotcash in&quot one’s Connected: Masters of the Bazaar?

Why would you want to do that? It takes long enough to raise in the first place. You can use it to reduce Scandal if you end up in the Tomb-colonies. Or for preparatory research before going on a scientific expedition.

It’s a long story that started with a murder.

If you’re searching for your Heart’s Desire, you can sell it for 50 1st city coins per CP. That’s 12.5 E/CP. Otherwise, I guess prep research is a good way to lose it.
(Or you could spend it to avoid prison. 15 CP/use there)
edited by Aximillio on 2/27/2015

I believe Passionario is pursuing a Nemesis. Prep research is probably the best use of it in that case.

Indeed. It’s been a long bloodstained road, and now that it’s taken a turn towards the spires of the Bazaar, I have a feeling that my history with the Masters will eventually come to a violent end.

And since it’s been quite a history (last time I checked, I was a couple of changepoints away from the 15th level of Connection), I figure I might as well turn it into… well, something. It won’t heal the spines shattered by my neddy stick, or restore the entire libraries that I consigned to pyres or undo any of the countless betrayals, but it’s better than nothing.
edited by Passionario on 2/27/2015