May the real MrUnderhill please stand up?

Here’s a silly and most likely meaningless question,
When I first signed up for Fallen London a year-and-a-half ago, I couldn’t sign up as &quotMrUnderhill&quot (without the 89) because the name was already taken. Out of curiosity, I decided to check out the profile of this other &quotMrUnderhill,&quot and it seems the poor chap never made it out of New Newgate.

Any idea who this doppelganger might be?

Someone who signed up and never played. Which means they won’t have been on the forums, and thus we won’t know them. (Probably. There are no certainties in life. Except the things which are certain.)

That’s the problem with using popular names, such as an alias used in a widely read fantasy novel. Always the chance someone else might have it.

Yep. I had to go with the name Mercer because the name Alex Mercer was taken - and judging by Alex Mercer’s profile, the person didn’t play long. Ah well.

That’s the nice thing with KatarinaNavane, I’m the only one on the whole Internet. If there’s already one there it means i made an account and forgot about it.

Ditto DragonRidingSorceress :D

And overpoweredginger/OPG

I’ve see n a couple Flowers of December before, but it’s uncommon enough that I stand a better chance at claiming it than my actual name in any instance

I’ve run across another Urthdigger only once. Due to some context I was able to find (very similar last name for character and such) I get the feeling he was copying me… for whatever reason.

Xaphedo I found to be very mine
no-one else I saw using it anywhere.
He once was an elf who used to chine
and hunt and live and struggle and err
in a fantasy short story I far once wrote:
I quite liked his flowing sound of note.

True enough. Mostly I was wondering if there was some kind of soft embargo on names with &quotMr&quot in front of them, so that nobody could impersonate or role-play a rogue Master. I’m sure it’s much more reasonable that someone simply picked the name first, but with the Neath the way it is, you never know for sure. :)
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[quote=MrUnderhill89]Mostly I was wondering if there was some kind of soft embargo on names with &quotMr&quot in front of them, so that nobody could impersonate or role-play a rogue Master.[/quote]Nah, I’ve got &quotMr Puckeridge&quot, and I think someone even had &quotMr Wines&quot for a while before it got spotted. Any policing that’s done is done reactively, I’m sure.

On a tangental note, I have a friend whose (real life) given name is completely made up. I’d better not post it here for privacy reasons, but when you hear it, you assume it’s a conventional name you’ve just never heard of - yet in truth, she’s the only one in the world. I’m insanely jealous.

Maybe Mr. Underhill is the secret Master behind it all.

I’ve used Apollo Fireweaver for a while, but lately I’ve seen it cropping up on other sites, and had to get somewhat creative. MY only guess is that someone saw the blog I used to write for, and was trying to impersonate me. Even caught one of them when I got a somewhat irate message from some developers about not getting the review they were promised, regardless of the fact I had never heard of their game XD

Oh, yes, that Mr Wine was renamed Impostor, I believe.

This reminds me of a story I heard once, I think Bill Bryson may have told it, of a Post Office that had an oddly-addressed letter sitting in its’ dead-letter box for more than a decade because they could not for the life of them work out who the recipient was intended to be. It had been written thusly:


And after a good 15 years or more, someone finally worked out that it was meant for a certain Mr John Underhill, living in Andover, Massachusetts!
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