May Exceptional Story: The Queen of the Elephants

Right here!

&quotGood thing you never go anywhere without your emergency fireworks!&quot

That was a phenomenal Exceptional Story. It certainly figures among my preferred ones.

Though it does makes Baruch a little bit more concerned with his associates in Parabola…

Darn, I missed trying to persuade the Elephants the first time (thinking I could come back to them after speaking to the Vagrant) and now I don’t have the option to get them to join forces, which is exactly the outcome I really want… :/

ETA: I guess there’s no way to avoid this outcome, and maybe she had it coming, but this is truly the stuff of nightmares
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Same… I went to find the mouse before persuading them, thinking I could come back to it, but didn’t have an option for that.
I never had that option but I had upgraded from siding wiht the queen to “Crimson-Handed” Do I need to go back and get the precursor trait by replaying the tournament ES?

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Oh but there is an Affiliation choice at the end if you’re someone who will not be caught red-handed

Explain to him the thing you both saw in Parabola
You know more than you’ve let on.
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edited by maleclypse on 5/8/2022

A bit bummed out that it wasn’t more clearly signposted that the option to give a certain bit of testimony was only available up until you went to meet the testimony-giver’s waking self - I missed out on the way I’d have liked things to progress because of this, and seemingly locked myself entirely out of the ending I wanted. There is a message regarding the testimony, but it says that you &quotmay also&quot go and give the testimony (which doesn’t imply to me that this is a limited-time offer), and doesn’t mention that continuing on the current branch will progress the story.

I just finished this Exceptional Story, and thoroughly enjoyed it! As always, Harry Tuffs absolutely knocked it out of the park with the writing – whenever I see a story written by him, I know it’s going to end up as one of my favourites, and this one did not disappoint. If you enjoyed this story, I urge you to check out his superb game A House of Many Doors (Steam, Itch).

Great promo art for Queen Mary, too, along with some tantalising lore on the Red-Handed Queen (along with a certain Beleaguered King, if I’m not mistaken in what was implied in the story).

An interesting story touching on some things lore-wise that haven’t been heavily fleshed out, but I’m always a little disappointed when I don’t feel like I can have much impact on the outcome of a story.

Well, shame about the “mouse”. And Mary. Not so much a shame about the vagrant…