Maximum + to Watchful etc?

Maybe this information is already some place else, but I was curious if anyone knew the maximum bonuses it was possible to get to Watchful, Persuasive, Dangerous, Shadowy, Bizarre, Dreaded, and Respectable without using Fate/Nex. I think I might have something close to the max for Watchful at +24, and Bizarre at +5. If people want to note the combinations that’d be great too, I don’t want to bother until I know mine are actually maxed out.

If I equip all my watchful bonuses, I can get 28. 29 is possible if you have the Mirror-Polished shoes.

Extraordinary Hat +4
Formidable Gown +2 (lots of the clothes give this)
Insatiable Glove +4
Ratwork Watch +5
Mirror-polished Shoes +1
Overgoat +10
1 x Newspaper +1
1 x Voluminous Library +1
1 x Cultured Attache companion +1

Others have done the calculations proper, and I don’t want to crib their work, but I believe the maximum bonuses are +19 Dangerous, +24 Persuasive, +23 Shadowy, and +29 Watchful.

Semiotic Monocle + 4
Morning Suit / Formidable Gown / Clothes Colony +2
Insatiable Glove +4
Ratwork Watch +5
Mirror Polished Shoes
Overgoat +10
Voluminous Library
Celebrated Artist’s Model

Total = 29

Sneak-Thief’s Mask +2
Ratskin Suit +3
Master Thief’s Hands +4
Poison-tipped Umbrella +4
Hushed Spidersilk Slippers +4
Devious Henchman +2
Gang of Hoodlums
Young Stags’ Club

Total = 21

Iron Hat +2
Gentleman’s Athletic Support / Corsetted Dress
Spider Chitin Gauntlets / Diamond Ring +2
Ratwork Derringer +4
Vakeskin Boots +4
Bengal Tigress +4
Formidable Basalt Gymnasium

Total = 18

Beguiling Mask +3
Sumptuous Dandy’s Outfit / Exquisite Ivory Gown +5
Diamond Ring + 4
Irresistible Drum +3
Masterwork Dancing Slippers +2
Winsome Dispossessed Orphan / Alluring Accomplice / Bengal Tigress + 2
God’s Editors
Master Jewel Thief
The Parthenaeum

Total = 22

Clothes Colony
Dilmun Club Lapel Badge / Iron Republic Journal / Bejewelled Cane
Overgoat / Bandaged Raven / Hungover Terrier / Preening Macaw / Rubbery Euphonium / Unfinished Hat
Clay Sedan Chair +2
The Young Stags’ Club +2

Total = 8

Anarchist Sable / Ratskin Suit
Iron Republic Journal
Bengal Tigress / Unfinished Hat / Grubby Kitten / Subtle Mole / Disappointing Marsh-wolf / Maverick Bloodhound
Gang of Hoodlums +2
The Young Stags’ Club +2

Total = 7

Respectable Clothing
Consonant Violin
Salt Weasel / Partisan Messenger Tortoise / Tell-tale Beetle / Racing Slug / Taciturn Mynah
God’s Editors +4
Respectable Landau +2
Majestic Pleasure Yacht +2
The Parthenaeum +4

Total = 15

If I’m missing something available without Fate be sure to let me know. ^^
edited by Sara Hysaro on 1/11/2013
edited by Sara Hysaro on 1/11/2013

Offhand I couldn’t do any better without Fate (Foreign Office and Theological Husbandry provide a number of options), but a couple of alternate ways to get the same levels:

-The Blooded Knife is another +1 Dreaded Weapon, though it’s only available on the Nemesis ambition.
-The Dark-Carapaced Crustacean is a +1 Bizarre Pet.
-The Newspaper also provides +1 Persuasive.

(Incidentally, the best non-Overgoat Watchful Pets are the Bitter Saker Falcon and Haunted-Looking Dog, both +3.)