Maximum delay for a living story

Hello delicious friends,

I am currently waiting for a living story to occur, and I feel like I have been waiting for a bit too long. I got the message &quota living story will begin soon&quot in the beginning of the week, on monday or tuesday (it was for the story we get after being tatooed a second time). Now it’s sunday and I still haven’t received anything.

A quick look at the wiki told me that living stories can take up to &quotseveral days&quot to come, but I feel like that means no more than 3 or 4 days, not an entire week. Is it normal for me to wait for so long ?
edited by Lemexis on 2/21/2016

Living stories can be of wildly varying length. The Mood living story has a delay of 1 hour where as the Knife-and-Candle prize token one has a delay of an entire month!

Ouch. Alright, thanks for the information.

The longest possible delay on a living story is exactly four weeks. This is how the storynexus engine is programmed.

Just FYI – as far as I’m aware, the living story that begins when you get a first or second tattoo takes exactly four weeks (as NiteBrite says) and does not grant any further reward or story. It simply clears the “A Recent Visit to Millicent’s” quality so that you no longer have it when the next Feast rolls around. (You can see this living story on the wiki at the bottom of the tattoo pages – )

There’s a new living story this year that starts when you receive “An Incident at Millicent’s.” It may or may not work the same way, but I’m mentioning all of this just in case people are hotly anticipating some kind of reward or continuation. If the “Incident at Millicent’s” setup works the same way, there might not be one! Or there might be.