Masters that are a lighter shade of gray?

I’ve been thinking about the Masters after doing a certain job with Mr. Pages. Perhaps not all of them aren’t that bad.

If my memory serves me right, at least one of them actually likes Fallen London.

Anyways delicious friends, where do each Master’s loyalties lie and how sympathizing they are to us citizens of the Neath?

I’m kind of getting fond with Mr. Pages. They’re probably the most approachable of the bunch if you got enough literature to keep them entertained.

I prefer Mr Stones and Mr Iron. At least they’re honest in-your-face evil space-bats. I can respect that. Mr Pages or Mr Wines try to make nice, but I don’t believe a word of it.

These are the allegiances that I know of


As a general rule, the Masters work for the Bazaar, but by this point they don’t really believe that its mission will succeed and just want to get it over with already. The exception seems to be Mr. Wines, but it’d probably betray the Bazaar if that means it would gain something.

Pages only seems to care about his books, it being a massive nerd.

Fires is really, really into London. It loves the industry and the ships and so on and so forth. Fires is actually actively plotting to make London stay for as long as possible. This might bring Eaten-esque consequences for him.

Iron is basically anti-Fires. It is actively plotting so that London is replaced ASAP, it hates the place. It also runs the game of Knife and Candle as a way to spite the Bazaar or something.

Notably, Mr. Eaten used to be really into the second city, didn’t end well for it

Veils is just prick.[/spoiler]
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I don’t even know which ones are a Whiter Shade of Pale. ORIGINAL Procol Harum - A Whiter Shade Of Pale / Widescreen / LyRiCs (english/deutsch) - YouTube

– Mal

Don’t let them fool you. They may have their idiosyncrasies, their apparent charm, but they’d have you chained upside-down to a zee-rock to be devoured by sedition-porpoises the moment you became a threat to them.

[quote=malthaussen]I don’t even know which ones are a Whiter Shade of Pale. ORIGINAL Procol Harum - A Whiter Shade Of Pale / Widescreen / LyRiCs (english/deutsch) - YouTube

– Mal[/quote]

Good to know I wasn’t the only one who got that song stuck in my head after reading the title of this thread :P

Turned up the four-verse version at another link: whiter shade of pale (both extra verses) - Procol harum - YouTube

– Mal

Either way, one of my characters main goals after coming to London is to, well lets say help each and every Master have an early ‘retirement’.

So they’re really not that united and two of them actively oppose each other. Perhaps we can use this to our advantage in the future. Indeed, I do agree with you fellows that one must tread lightly when dealing with them.

One of the storylets related to Proscribed Materials mentions that some of the Masters may just be the same ones using different names. It specifically mentioned Mr. Mirrors and Mr. Cups as being one and the same. While it was denied, I feel that it may be true. We already know from the sidebar text that many of them use different names. How are we supposed to know that they only have one name at a time. If you are interested, check my profile, and read the entry I titled &quotSixteen Masters&quot on Nov 2.

That entry implies (among other things) that there are sixteen active, distinct Masters that are visible to society (and we all know about the other one that we don’t speak of).

I wonder how many of the Masters have multiple visible personas, and if they act differently when using different names. Maybe the friendly, lovable one that you see often has a meaner persona. How much of their personalities are acts, and how much is genuine? And how many are there really?

I’m just using this as an example, so don’t take the next thing as canon. For all we know, Mr. Irons (hates everyone and sponsors knife fights) and Mr. Pages (lovable nerd who uses perfectly cromulent words) can be one and the same. One loves to read and one writes very well. And since Mr. Irons never talks, we don’t really know his speech patterns.

On the topic of allegiances between Masters, the sidebar text implies that…
Mr. Apples and Mr. Veils are allies.
Mr. Wines has a dispute with another Master over who controls Dreams.
Mr. Wines may or may not have commissioned a woman of ill repute to kill a senior devil with a piece of clothing, so he may dislike Hell.
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This has in fact been confirmed! Mirrors and Cups are indeed one and the same, as are Apples and Hearts. Whether any of the others are doubles is not clear, though Mr Chimes and the past few years’ Mr Sacks are almost certainly names used by more than one individual.





I read something interesting while vacationing in the Tomb Colonies.

After agreeing to help build the Grand Sanatorium, I learned that they currently import their marble from Italy. (read about it in my profile page). In the sidebar, it mentioned that Mr. Stone used to trade as Mr. Marble until something happened at the Tomb Colonies. Coincidence? I think not.

Back to the number of Masters… if Apples and Hearts are one and the same, and Chimes and Sacks are both fake/Masters under different names, who is Master #11? Because if I remember correctly, it’s been explicitly confirmed that there are 11 Masters (not 16, that’s a rumor), but all that leaves us with is 10: Apples, Cups, Fires, Iron, Pages, Spices, Stones, Veils, Wines, and Eaten.

I like to hope that Original Sacks is still around somewhere, behind the scenes and leaving Christmas to his temporary replacement, Onion Sacks… pardon, I mean, Noman Sacks.

[quote=the truthseeker][quote=Hobnail]WE ARE FODDER




You forgot:


Quick question: Can the (human) residents of the Neath produce children?

(I think I remembered reading that it was possible but there were some complications or something, or they came out weird. I can’t remember the specifics at all.)

Because if so, that’s one heck of a renewable energy supply!

People in the Neath can have children properly. This is true even if they’ve visited the boatman at some point before conceiving.

The 11th is Sacks. I’m pretty sure that I have read that he used to be a separate Master, but the current ones are filling in for him in recent years.

I would like to propose another theory: that Mr. Fires is actually two tiny masters hiding under the same cloak

Only two? Are you sure that he is not a colony of tiny Masters? His voice is different from the other Masters, with strange harmonics, and you need more than two to have the Voice of the Legion.

Either that, or he just does not bother to Whisper, like the other Masters, letting people hear his real voice.