Masters RPG Fangame

Masters RPG Fangame
Having had some decent sleep since last time, progress has been going smoothly on the mechanics.

Iron is Warrior
Wines is Bard
Pages is Cleric
Hearts is Ranger/Beastmaster
Apples is druid
Spices is alchemist
Apples can switch to hearts
Mirrors is mime/blue mage
Stones is thief
Veils is barbarian/berserker doubles as black mage
Fires is paladin
Cups is not here.

7/14/16: So, Just to inform folks, this project lives. Not going to make any promises yet, but progress has been made.

[spoiler]Made on IRC

Makir, Ideas
Archon, Rpgmaker
Barselaar, Spell-Checker
Lapis, Python/Ideas
VavakxNonexus, Ideas
Gazzien (probably), Probably helped (The dating sim is his fault)
Paflick, Ideas
Drake1 (Also known as Drake Dynamo), Was here
Mr_K, Did something
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Be aware that the plot isn’t really decided YET, so this project is still in the brain-storm zone

[quote=Drake Dynamo]Watch out for [spoiler] Mr.Aples
edited by Drake Dynamo on 7/6/2016[/quote]

[color=#e53e00]Just a heads up - we do patrol names that are close to important NPC names. I appreciate there’s no ill intent here, but it’s a firm rule, as if someone did pass themself off as FBG staff running an account, it would be problematic. I’ve… adjusted this one accordingly. [/color]
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