'Masters corporeal, thirty and three...'

Bored, I was just recently looking over the Mysteries page, looking at other peoples’ answers, and something interesting popped up under ‘how many Masters are there?’

Is this little ditty from somewhere in Fallen London? Perhaps the Christmas content for the Urchins?

I have never encountered this anywhere, and I hunt down esoteric lore. Anyone else?

It may be someone’s fabrication, of course. And if so, impressive.

Well, if you google the phrase the only find is this very thread. So, it’s either @cofeeem’s fabrication, or from some veeeery rare Fate-locked content. If you really want to know I suggest you try contacting the mysterious @cofeeem
edited by Rupho Schartenhauer on 3/24/2015

I’ve also read that cute little rhyme while thumbing through people’s responses. Like everyone else, my google fu failed to uncover the cultural piece it refers to…if there is one such piece. It’s just as likely to be original. There are some amusing answers posted to Mysteries.

Another mystery, then.

When you fail at leisurely enquiries as to why Death is so strange in the Neath, you get this as a result:
“This business of the Pie that Killed Death. It’s popular among a certain sort, and one day it may make a rousing music-hall song. Not much good to you, though. But perhaps your enquiries have drawn attention.”

So, what’s this pie so stupendous that even Death becomes overwhelmed? Is it a pointed reference to a song from a musical play or something? If so, which one? …And why pie?

Hesperidean apple pie, of course!


Sir, I am mortified by your bravery. slow clap Oh, and entertained, but mostly mortified.