Masquing to Making Waves

As I’m sure you all know, leftover masquing will be converted into making waves after Friday, February 26th. Does anyone know what the masquing to CP of making waves might be? Time happens to arrive on Saturday for me, so I was wondering whether it’s worth trying to go for another point of notability or just to get a bunch of stolen kisses.

I’d guess it’s no more than 3 cp per point MW, but that’s all it is, a guess.

I doubt it’s worth doing if you wouldn’t be using the expensive options on lodgings.

Does anyone have any historic values? Or is this the first time it converts to MW?

ah, had I known, I wouldn’t have traded the rest of my Masquing in for Stolen Kisses. (I probably just failed to read some text somewhere.)

Well, stolen kisses convert up and generate making waves too.