Marriage to other players

Got an email from failbetter titled &quotMysteries, roses and marriage. And goats.&quot This part caught my eye:[li]

&quotAnd this year, for the first time, we’re enabling marriage to other players! (Or rather, their characters.)&quot

How do I do that? I tried googling it, searching the forums, and looking ingame but haven’t found anything.

Presumably it’s an upcoming feature.

It’ll probably be put into place during the Feast of the Exceptional Rose.

Ah, I see. Thanks a lot then. Btw you guys are really really fast posters.

We strongly recommend that everyone send a marriage proposal to CrudeImposter_Mr Wines when it becomes possible to do so.[li]

I wonder if you’ll have to be a POSI to receive or send marriage proposals.

I certainly hope not, or my girlfriend will be very disappointed.[li]
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[quote=dateryu]I certainly hope not, or my girlfriend will be very disappointed.

Ohh - I see potential for embarrassing (or fortuitous) confusion. :-)