Marriage Shenanigans

surfing the wiki does not really answer this question i have: what are the (long lasting) differences between marrying a player and a npc?
i know a p2p marriage requires the whole preparation and ceremony bit while having an npc opens some cards.
also, a rl spouses give 3 more stats (

am i missing anything? im not sure if i want to find some stranger on the internet to internet marry my internet character like some wow nerd or just go for the model… please advise

There will be more content in the future for player marriages, but for now the differences are what you described. If you’re willing to spend Nex, some other spouses open up, and the most expensive (the rubbery consort) gives 3 points of Bizarre, if you’re interested.

I am not an expert, nor speaking from experience, but from what I’ve seen other people do, it seems like player marriage is really more a thing to do if there’s someone you ‘know’ in some way (and a lot of people marry alts).

The stat boost is insignificant, though any Watchful boost can help you get to Scholar of the Correspondence 21 if you want those currently mechanically useless bragging rights.

The only mechanically useful one is the super expensive Rubbery Consort, and, well, that’s why it’s super expensive!

Personally I’m still hoping for polyamorous marriage + more marriage options, and I’ll just be incredibly ridiculous and marry the quiet deviless and the green-eyed devil and the pirate poet, which makes no sense but is glorious anyway, oh and also none of those are marriage options right now and will probably never be, hahaha. A genderqueer person can dream, right? :]

I’ll just be happy if I can go back to going on dates with the person I married. We liked using our free evenings on each other and no longer can.

You can get notability from the player weddings, which technically isn’t a permanent thing but the process is entirely unrelated to the usual making waves system so it could be extremely useful in some circumstances.

My main just divorced the Artists’ Model in order to marry… I’m a little embarassed to say, one of my alts. It’s not always expensive you know. The stat boost is the same for all venues. But the more preparation you put into it, the more guests you can invite.

I considered eloping. Then changed my mind and had one of the cheapest venues that would not harm my reputation: a church in Spite. I used a Fourth city air-rag and some other small items to get prep to just above 100.

The venue itself actually only costs 50 prep points. The rest you can use to invite guests. And both of you get your chance to invite.

The most interesting part for me was when Sylvester invited the Model, whom he just divorced. I have to say she is a very nice girl and I’m slightly sad they parted ways.

I echoed what she said here: