Marks of Credit

Is there any point in accumulating Mark of Credit Pages other than for the purposes of acquiring a Consonant Violin and an Iron Republic Safe Conduct? I appreciate that there are connection increasing options, but it hardly seems worth the effort of building Counting the Days for that.
I ask as I’ve just got the Safe Conduct and then immediately drawn the Secrets and Spending card again (since it didn’t use up my Counting the Days). I mean, I might as well grab one more page so that I have one to hand in case I ever need it, but for the future should I bother trying to raise Counting the Days again?

No, you’re good now. You can stop.

To my knowledge Marks of Credit have no further use as of now. I wouldn’t bother with the connection-raising options. For all the work you have to do, the boost they give isn’t that good. But keeping one or two in reserve seems like a reasonable thing to do.

Thanks both. I had wondered whether a different instrument might be available the second time round, particularly because of the picture of the French horn thing next to the relevant option on the card.

Collect them forever, get owed everything.