Marks of Credit

The time has come. I have desperate need to reach the Iron Republic, that bizarre and terrible place beyond the sea. I have a strong crew, a heart full of vengeance and a ship beyond compare. But I don’t have a safe-passage document. I need Mark of Credit Pages. I have never even heard of such an item, much less come across one. I says that there is some connection to the Numismatrix. A character who I met literally months ago, and never heard from again. How do I go about reacquainting myself and obtaining these strange pages?

Need to up your “Counting the Days” quality to 14?When it’s to 14, a card’ll pop up letting you buy a mark of credit (or gamble to get one, or to purchase things with marks of credit). For the safe-conduct you need 3 marks of credit. The easiest/quickest way to get it up is to visit your 4 acquaintances (forger, music hall singer, soldier, and functionary); if I remember correctly, with all 4, you can straight grind to level 14 of Counting the Days.

For acquaintances, regretful soldier is 0-6, repentant forger is 6-10, music hall singer is 10-12, and the wry functionary is 12-14. The final card at 14 is that, a card, meaning you might be waiting a while. I can’t recall the actual CP cost of a mark, but you need Pocketful of Loose Change of 7 to buy one. Can’t recall if it takes it all or not x.x keep it mind the grinding here is only for counting the days, not pocketful of loose change.

The options for increasing “Counting the days” require “Spending Secrets” 4, which can be gotten from opportunities, after you’ve visited the Numismatrix at your lodgings.
You will need to pick a faction.

You’ll want Pocketful of Loose Change 7, but you can also try to get one at lower - this is a luck check, however.

Edit: Buying a mark takes 8 cp or some other low amount. Chancing a mark takes more, I believe.
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Somewhat ironic that the Iron Republic is one of the best areas to gain Pocketful of Loose Change :)

You don’t need much Pocketful of loose change, though. I personally got it to 13, and there’s no better content there than at 7 or so.

Well, I’m on my way with two Marks of Credit pages. Thanks everyone.