Mark this choice as a plan?

this little red flag in the topright corner is new.

what’s going on?
edited by Nanako on 4/16/2015

That it is! You should also have a new tab at the top titled “Plans” - you can store things you mean to do and it will list requirements and let you sort plans there without having to go to whichever locations the plans are in to find the requirements.

I personally wish there was an “execute this plan” option, so I could speed up certain carousels, but I can see if they weren’t careful you could abuse that pretty badly.

I also was expecting an &quotexecute this plan&quot option. It would be a great way to skip traipsing through the game to get to each next step of a plan.

A little integration is all this needs to go from notepad stand-in to helpful time-saver.

I believe this was discussed but deemed to be unfeasible at the moment as it would (I gather) be difficult to implement a control mechanism that would prevent you from using an Opportunity card you haven’t drawn

[color=#009900]Exactly. Or visiting an area you don’t normally have access to, or a branch on a storylet that’s only available from another storylet and costs something extra to reach, or a storylet that you don’t currently have the qualities to access, and so on. There are possible solutions to all these issues, but it requires considerable thought and work.[/color]

I’m just miffed because I was planning to use it to cheese my way back into stories my stats had grown too large for :3

[ul][li]Set Plan: Earn enough echoes for a Cider.[/li][li]Click &quotExecute Plan&quot.[/li][li]Come back in a couple of years.[/li][/ul]:-)

This is a great idea! It would be even better if we could add Bazaar items to the plans page, as a kind of wishlist.

There’s always bottled oblivion!

There’s always bottled oblivion![/quote]

New plan: Drink bottled oblivion to access storylets to grind for stats and coin, which I’ll use to buy more bottled oblivion and grind for more stats and coin!

A new scheme is afoot…