Making your name persuasive question

ive managed to get my a name signed with a flourish up to 5, and I have no idea what to do to raise it now (its been 3 days)
possibly useful information
my persuasive is at 64 +27 with items (91)
I am currently in the empresses court
I dont know when I reached two with it
I started with 1 and I dont know why (may have started it at the beginning when I was messing around)

and a quick (less important) question about the watchful version
to raise it to 7 I need to go through the &quotInvestigations in the university&quot thingy right?

In the Shuttered Palace go to the Spend a few days at court. In there is the option to write new works to raise your Name Signed called A Slow Day. Watchful I’m afraid I’m not that far yet.

  • Likely got to 1 doing stories in Veilgarden It will have reached 2 when you picked an artistic School of Thought- Nocturnal, Bazaarine ect. You may have set it to 2- with the recent Making Your Name Persuasive update options?
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I’d be surprised if any Making Your Name storylets still need a stat requirement as I was under the impression the point was to move away from that. It may just be the wiki lagging behind. For Watchful I believe getting your own department raises your Name to 6 and finishing investigations raises it to 7. Note that finishing investigations permanently locks you out of most options there including good sources of Sudden Insights and Bundles of Oddities that are the best ones for regaining your soul! If you choose one ending it will also make you Unwelcome at the University which makes some conversions more expensive and locks other University options until becoming welcome again through a Scientific Expedition.

If you are level 5, you need to go to Empress Court and do the Attend to matters of romance and increase Fascinating… and be seen with A Barbed Wit or an Acclaimed Beauty. It is a lot of grind.

Post this you need to do the option to write new works in Empress COurt.