Making Waves

I’m trying to grind Making Waves so I can get more notability than just, well, one. What is the best way of grinding making waves?

Jeremy Avalon’s Ultimate guide has more than you can probably gasp at the beining, but don’t stress yourself too much!

Probably most of the people here will tell you to take it easy bits by bits. Good luck, delicious!

Are you aiming for Notability?

Quick list (doesn’t cover every source)

First tip - max out your BDR, every point of those you get reduces how many levels of Making Waves you need for each next point of Notability.

For low levels item conversions can be very helpful, both side converting (4 of the 50p items give varying amounts of MW) and you can either stockpile just before one of those or just keep going around the Cycle. Upconverting some 50p and above items also give MW; one of the better ones is Tales of Terror and up again. Probably better for lower middle Notability gain.

Next some lodging cards have options that will increase your MW - these take various items and some of them favours. The increase to MW is related to how expensive the item used is.

Higher levels - scheme Salon or Orphanage. You can only have one; need a Handsome Townhouse and it takes time to build your scheme but when you use one of the options to cash in your scheme you get lots of MW.

There are other MW generating things around - inviting people for coffee or dinner. The Mayor card. Attending a party (the options at the end give varying amounts of MW but you will have to visit several times before you raise the necessary quality) A couple of storylets that give 1cp: one at Court the other in Veilarden. Other things as well which you will encounter as you play.

Lastly bear in mind that your Notability will drop if you don’t have your MW equal or higher when Time comes calling.

Edit - if you get a lot more MW than you need to increase your Notability go to the Sidestreets and buy nights on the town. Using those is very unpredictable but you can get good results whe the card turns up.
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Thanks you all for your inputs, I really needed this

Lodging Cards are your best bet.
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