Making Waves Rewards

Is there some sort of reward this year for having the highest “Making Waves” Quality as in previous years?

And will this quality remain “Making Waves” at the end of the Feast, or revert to “Admired?” One wonders.

I kind of like the idea of “making waves”. Let’s hope this will remain.

It certainly does fit in with the aesthetics of the Neath, what with the Unterzee/zailing storylines and all.

[color=#009900]Making Waves is a permanent change, to fit in with plans we have for the quality, and to avoid confusion with some similar terms that are going to be in use.[/color]
[color=#009900]There isn’t a popularity contest this year.[/color]

I’m trying to see what happens when you amuse His Amused Lordship, but he seems uncharacteristically surly this feast. Hopefully I can win him over before the angry mob comes calling…

Don’t tell me of the grumpy sod -.- He sucked out THREE of my Admir… Erm… Making Waves levels in a breeze >:( Though he partially made up for it shortly later -.-"

It would seem there’s not a whole lot of goals for this festival. There is finding the true rose, and more opportunities to get the Making Waves quality, as well as new ways to spend it (Dropped mine from 11 to 3 without succeeding once…) But as they’re all luck based, and I seem to be unlucky, I think I may go back to my usual routine soon.