Making waves for the Feast of Masks

It seems you need Making Waves 5 to get visitors. The text about the Feast says you can raise this with social actions at your lodgings, but the relevant social action seems to disappear after you’ve taken it the first time.

How is this supposed to work?

The relevant social action is Invite Someone to a Private Supper under Attend to Matters of Society and Scandal at your lodgings, and unless you’re experiencing a bug there’s no limit to the number of invitations you can send.

You can also use the Attracting Visitors at Hallowmass storylet at your lodgings, but this will raise Nightmares as well, and disappears at Nightmares 7+

[quote=Josiah Thimblerig]How is this supposed to work?[/quote]The activities that make waves and increase nightmares depend on ‘the Airs of London’, which you can change by robbing the anonymous wretch in Spite, or by doing the social action on some of the faction cards. (Not the Society faction card though.)

Hi all,

My Making Waves and Nightmares are both above 5, and I’ve milled my Opportunities cards many times without getting anything related to the Feast of Souls. Is this a bug, or am I just unlucky?

The Visitors card appears even when your Nightmares and Making waves are below 5. So you’re ‘just’ unlucky. Which of course is the worst, because the RNG is a monster which feasts only on our tears. And it makes its nest out of the hairs we pull out in frustration. And our groaning shrieks is music to its ears. And so on.