Making waves and Notability guide (request)

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I’ve been spending the last couple of months getting an ubergoat. So my in game goals have been acquire more echoes for about 5 months? My new goal is to acquire some high end items. I. E. A vial of M_____ B____ Upgrade my lodgings at the brass embassy stuff like that. So I really need to master Making Waves and Notability. The wiki has some really good guides for example The Nadiar guide and The Mr. Eaten. (Links below) So I was wondering if their is a guide of that quality somewhere. I need like a comprehensive guide. I’ve shopped the forums and saw a few articles nothing at the level I want. If someone could make a guide for the Notability and Making waves preferably as one piece I would pay you. I would actually pay you for a guide. This system has a annoyed me for the btter part of a year now. I want it simplified at any price.[/li][li]
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This may be out of date, but it’s worth reading:

It’s not. None of the related systems have really changed at all since it was written.
Here are some of my own points of note.
BDR is hell of important, so make sure to get as much good BDR gear as you can. Even one extra point can save you a hell of a lotta hassle in the long run. These three wiki pages list the best boosters for each stat for reference- Bizarre, Dreaded, Respectable. You can get a combined total of nearly 20 or so without any Fatelocked items at all, but there are some that help a lot (ratwork velocipede, bifurcated owl, boneless consort)

The best ways to get huge chunks of MW easily are the Tower of Eyes and Tower of Sparrows card. For smaller doses, consider item conversions or honey dens and poetry in Veilgarden. Other things you might want to look into are Archaeology and Heists; you can swap Archaeological treasures for Making Waves and Connections, although the amount you get isn’t actually all that great it does work. And then you can use the connections to convert Mysteries, which are pretty good for MW. Heists give MW based on how much Burglar’s Progress you got and how difficult the Heist was. They’re pretty profitable and give some ok Waves besides. The Party you can attend from a Polite Invitation gives a fair amount of MW at the end and in a few options during as well.

Always use your Free Evenings! They’re real good. If you do 5 Private Suppers a week you’ll basically always be able to maintain Notability just from that alone.

Take note of when Time the Healer hits. It’s always going to be the same time every week, so don’t go boosting MW if you’re not sure you’ll make it in time. Maintaining Notability is really easy these days so you don’t really need to stress too much about losing points; once you have a point, you’re only going to lose it if you don’t really pay attention at all. So you’re basically always making forward progress.

If you have an Orphanage, you miiight want to scrap it. Just sayin’. You can use the Townhouse key from your inventory to sell it, though it costs some Notability so it’s better to do sooner rather than later. The Salon is pretty much entirely better for MW because it’s really easy to increase the Scheme and most of the cash-ins give more than 100CP MW. You get enough to take you to the mid 20s or so from just one option, which is enough for most Notability checks if your BDR is high. The Duchess option or the Princess option will give enough MW for any Notability check ever, really.

Also if you have a Clipper and you’re really desperate you should probably sell that off too. The Yacht is really easy to get and gives good BDR. How much time d’you spend at zee? That Clipper does nothing while you’re in London and doesn’t even make a hugely massive difference on the Zee either.

My max-BDR guide:

Personally I am still missing a yacht and a shrine to st joshua.

Help! I have managed to raise my Making Waves to the 16 I need for my first point of Notability. Now all I need is Mr Slowcake. I can’t summon him from my Lodgings without at least 1 Notability. Is there anything I can do to make him show up?

If a kind friend happens to get a visit from Slowcake they can gift you that first point of Notability. So giving us a profile link so that if someone who reads this has the card can add you as a friend easily might help.

I’m grateful for the suggestion, and here’s my profile link, but I would rather get this point of Notability on my own. I’m not much one for social actions, and it feels (to me!) like cheating to get something substantial that way.
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[quote=Omphale]I’m grateful for the suggestion, and here’s my profile link, but I would rather get this point of Notability on my own. I’m not much one for social actions, and it feels (to me!) like cheating to get something substantial that way.
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Unfortunately, as far as I know, until you get the first point there is no guaranteed way to get Slowcake’s card to show up.

The usual advice to increase the chance of it (or any other desired card) to turn up is to flip cards in areas that don’t have location specific cards (Forgotten Quarter, Labyrinth) and reduce the number of possible cards by selling any pets that have cards; cutting your connections so that you don’t get the conflict cards. Good luck and I hope it turns up for you soon.
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[color=#009900]I do want to emphasise that it’s not cheating - far from it, it’s narratively consonant. We designed it this way to allow a suitable flavour of personal recommendation. But whatever works for you, of course![/color][li]

Alas, Time the Healer has came and went… and then I immediately drew Slowcake.

I am keeping him in my hand, no matter how inconvenient, until I have my Making Waves back up. It shouldn’t be too difficult using the item conversions outlined in the other thread and I’ve cashed in some stuff and bought a ton of wine to get me started. (Thanks to the person who worked out that method!)