Making new friends

hi, i want to invite a friend to the game and i know i stumbled over something (s storylet?) where i could do that. can you help me finding a way to invite somebody with a story?
Because i don’t know where this story was (or if it was an opportunity card)

The easiest to find are those under the invite to social actions in your lodgings. There is an option to invite a new players for each of the statistics. I imagine the ones you draw as cards give a better reward? But I don’t know which is best of all I’m afraid. I remember there is an option on the card you draw for having a Sulky Bat to send it up to contact a surfacer, and that card seem to turns up pretty frequently (for me at least :) )

Or is it a particular storylet you are seeking?

edited by Charlotte_de_Witte on 2/19/2016

Unless I’m mistaken, you can find an option to invite a friend from the surface under the mudlarking tree in Ladybones Road. Is that what you were referring to?

it wasn’t exactly that. I found something, too. Courier at the spite and it was no particular storylet i was seeking. Every storylet will do :) just wanted to try one of them. Thx