Making my name?

I was forced into it, and with only one option.

I tried the reset, and it forced me BACK to that same ONLY ONE OPTION card.

Given that there is no way to get the rewards that new players are going to get, or see any of these changes, I expected the reset to throw me a little further back then that.

So, if the other levels reward things as nice as the aragag, and I’m never going to get them…

Bah, I’m not making sense, I’m too peterbed.

If you’ve already been banished from court, you only get the one option that gives you an Airag, the flowers, and a point of Connected: Masters.

But don’t worry, there aren’t really any /rewards/ per se for pre-exile characters; it just makes you go back through earlier storylines, with one new storylet after each section. Those new storylets give some benefits – reset a menace, boost persuasive (I suspect roughly the same amount as the one option you took), and raise one quirk while lowering another. But nothing so valuable (in echoes) as an airag, at least not so far. The earliest one gives you 10 Prisoner’s Honey, for instance; the second one nothing but an artistic school affiliation.

Anything comparable to the Posy of Flowers, though?

I chose one of the options before they were rewritten. I got the poseys but no “airag” or connected to masters point. Should I have or is that for certain options

This content is primarily for lower level players.
New players aren’t getting any reward you’re not getting. There is no valuable item or special reward for the other options. It’s just a way of gauging their progress. As you’ve already progressed out of the Court, picking an option to see where you are in the Court content would be counter productive.
You’re not missing out on anything. I promise. The Airag is a nicer reward than anything else being offered to lower level players.

If you’re really, really worried about it, you can always make up a new character and see for yourself.

[quote=Ben ]I was forced into it, and with only one option.

I tried the reset, and it forced me BACK to that same ONLY ONE OPTION card.

If you’ve been booted out of the Court, you already have a quality that shows where your progress is, and they don’t need to query you for it. Therefore the only storylet you have is a celebration of the opera that resulted in that Fate, along with some gifts that set the right level.

The Posy of Flowers seems to be the reward you get for getting into the Shuttered Palace, which I think is the third tracker checkpoint for Persuasive. However, I can’t seem to figure out where that third part is after doing the first two. I’m just wandering around Veilgarden in an Exquisite Ivory Gown looking for the Ambassador’s Ball, like a glim-stained cinderella. Where’s the ball? When will I be its darling again? Is this because I already have Route: the Shuttered Palace 1 , which didn’t get zero’d out when Darling of the Ambassador’s Ball did?

Actually, each of my characters got the Posy of Flowers, including the character who is at Persuasive endgame (Legendary Charisma, Port Carnelian) AND the character who is still in Veilgarden, hanging out at the Honey Dens. I think that is a universal reward.

Update: finally saw the updated hint-content in the a-name-resigned Must storylet and realized I need to write a short-story in order to get to Signed with a Flourish 3. Unfortunately, I was in the midst of writing a NOVEL before this update, and the entries to court in the Shuttered Palace are gone; might be a good idea to zero out &quotWorking on…&quot with some of the reset options to avoid this?

Ah, I can still get back into Court via the Gossip in my Lodgings, though not via the Shuttered Palace. Which seems a little buggy, and still costs a bundle of Society connections – but hey I’ll take it for now.
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My alt did the Honey Dens option and did not get the Posy.

On my character who’s still in Veilgarden, it’s not immediately clear to me how the choices I’m being given map to the stuff I’ve done.

If I choose a point that’s too early in the story (e.g. &quotexploring the wonders of the honeyed world&quot even though I’ve already interacted with the Heiress and have the Quality to show it), will things break?

No; if you have Jewel-Thief or Heiress at 6 or 7 you’ll have to draw the card in Veilgarden that lets you conclude the relationship. Those cards (at least the Thief, I haven’t managed to draw the Heiress) now have options that are tied to the Name Signed with a Flourish quality.

My alt did the Honey Dens option and did not get the Posy.[/quote]

You know what, you’re right. I doublechecked and I must have been confused. Only my other two characters have it (Shuttered Palace and endgame). I apologize for spreading false information!

Any reason that, after selecting the Honey Dens option, that I would only have the Jewel Thief storylet and not the Heiress? I have to finish one or the other to continue, correct?

If you have the Venture qualities related to the seduction (Seduction: Honey-Sipping Heiress or Seduction: Honey-Sipping Jewel-Thief) at certain levels (6 or 7) no storylet will show up – you have to draw opportunity cards in Veilgarden to continue. If you have the Heiress quality at 10, that’s actually an ending, I believe – no cards or storylets will appear.

That seems to suggest that, were a person to have both of those storylets at 6-7, they would never move past this point? You certainly don’t continue the story once you complete “Publish your experiences with prisoner’s honey”.

This thread was very helpful. My alt returned from the tomb colonies to a very confusing question with only one option. I clicked it, and suddenly I get an Airag and a posy.

I think I regret the choice I made with my main, however, so I’m planning to use the reset option to rethink Myrto’s choice on the persuasive tracker.

Nope, at 6-7 you should be able to draw cards to complete the seduction storylines, at least if nothing’s changed. The only one my main or alts had any luck drawing today, however, was at Jewel-Thief 6. I’ve been trying to draw the Heiress 7 card all day today with no success.

Does anyone know if choosing ‘You’re striving to become Imperial Artist-in-Residence’ locks one out of romancing the Barbed Wit and Acclaimed Beauty? I was at a point where I could complete both romances and had also been called in to make my final opera, and now I’m worried I might have to re-do things depending on what I choose.

From what I’ve seen so far, I’m going to assume 7 is the highest this quality goes right?