Making Echos while levelling Dangerous?

Hey guys, I’m fairly new to this game and I’m wondering if anyone has any kind of insight into how best to level Dangerous profitably.
I’m currently at 104(136 with bonuses) And my solution so far has been avoiding becoming an exhibit in the third coil of the Labyrinth of Tigers. But I’m unsure about Black Ribbon duelling, the Rostygold payout from duelling outside is okay and the end payouts are pretty awesome, but I’m not sure which duellist is most efficient to fight or even if it’s better than just punching tigers.

Any kind of info on this one would be appreciated.
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Hmm, are you looking for a straightforward grind that uses Dangerous or something that will level it faster at risk of Wounds?

If it’s the latter, you could Fight A War of Assassins (requires being a POSI) in the Forgotten Quarter for Collections of Curiosities and trade those in with the Tomb Colonists on their card. By monkeying around with your equipment, you should be able to hit that 60% sweet spot for those actions.

If you want a safer route, then perhaps you should duel the Black Ribbon. You could aim for a 90% chance of success at Sparring with Ring Fighters or Arranging a Duel Outside the Black Ribbon, eventually trading the Running Battle in on a fight (I’m not sure what the most efficient way to earn rostygold on dueling is, though).

Either way, consider moving back up to the First Coil of the Labyrinth of Tigers. Taking Some Refreshment cures 1 CP of Wounds and trades in 50 jade fragments for 3 Incendiary Gossip on a success, which is a net gain of one echo and trains Dangerous besides. Having a big ol’ stockpile of Gossip might come in handy when it comes time to grind Notability, and you can swap it for Identities Uncovered (potentially Blackmail Material) on an opportunity card. You get Wounds on a failure, though, so shoot for the best chance of success on this action and don’t put off curing Wounds until it’s high.
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Hey, thanks Kaigen, that War of Assassins stuff sounds interesting, but I am not yet a POSI! How do I go about that?
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You’re gonna have to get your stats above 100. Then await a card with “Coincidence” in the title, which will tell you someone will meet you at your Lodgings and you can go from there.

To start the quest to become a POSI one of your stats needs to be 100 (with equipment). To progress along the quest all four stats need to be at 100 with equipment. After that there are other things to do that are based on what you have, and spending some resources to make a Velocipede.

That’s odd, I’ve had Dangerous above 100 with items for about a week and a half now, and I tend to go through about 20-30 cards a day and I have not seen anything to do with it yet, are there any other prerequisites?

None that I’m aware of besides the stats. You could check your Lodgings for the storylet to see if perhaps you clicked through and forgot about it, or check your qualities to see if you have “A Person of Some Little Consequence” already.

Nope. You can force the quest by talking to the Clay Coalman in your Lodgings if I’m not mistaken, however.

“A Person of Some Little Consequence 4 - Carousing in Veilgarden On your way to becoming a person of importance”

Welp, missed that, thanks for the help Kaigen, I owe you one.

Helpful of you too Sara.

No problem! Best of luck on the quest. :)