Magnificent Diamond

I saw something about that on one of the Mr. Sacks Cards. I never heard of such a diamond before. Can others please enlighten me?

Apparently you need to spend Connected:Criminals on the pugilism card - 1st option or so. I have yet to try it, but have grinded myself up to Connected:30 at the very least…

I finally drew the Pugilism card today. I’d been flipping for a few days after raising Connected: Criminals to 30, so it seems fairly rare, but not ultra-rare. You’ll want to pick the option to beat up the junior minister. (I imagine that the other option gives impressive awards as well, but perhaps not magnificent diamonds.)

I finally got the card today, so it is pretty rare. Be warned, the junior minister option wipes out a lot of connected: criminals. Mine dropped from (can’t remember the exact figures but) approximately 31 to 5. You do get 26 echoes worth of stuff though.
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The other option raises Connected:Society by a lot at least, I think I tried that last time I had many connections with criminals…

Do you mean connected: criminals? I didn’t notice any drop in my Constables rating; mine is holding steady at 54. I did see a precipitous drop in Criminals; I was at 30 with about 20CP, and dropped to zilch.

Thanks, Seberin - yes, I did! Edited my post.

Thanks for the info and advice!

You can now get ostentatious diamonds from the ‘knight of the underworld’ opportunity card. It also only drops you something like 50 CPs.

Ah, but this topic is about Magnificent Diamonds. Still, good to know if we need the Ostentatious sort.

I’m not sure what happens if you side with the Last Constable, but if you side with the Cheery Man in Family And Law, you earn 1 Magnificent Diamond.

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One thing I don’t understand is that whereas diamonds are contraband in London, Ostentatious ones and magnificent ones aren’t. What’s the logic behind this?

Siding with the Last Constable unfortunately yields no diamonds, Magnificent or otherwise.

No idea, but then again I’ve never known the Bazaar to have much to do with such troublesome trifles as logic; plus for all their being contraband, plain diamonds seem pretty easy to come across, all over the Neath - they’re certainly easier to acquire than venom-rubies and sapphires, which are not contraband?