Luck is a Fickle Mistress.

I’ve been trying to get a boat… to be exact a Yacht. Now I know that it’s a far chance in luck, but I have currently a straightforward in both the persuasive and watchful attributes needed, and still I keep on losing to lady luck. I’ve lost 4 cellars of wine, 4 favors in high-places, 4 comprehensive bribes, and 4000 amber pieces. Does anyone know what to do to help an old cat’s luck?

Luck is the prerogative of victors.

Ouch! That seems most fickle. Are the odds against you?

A Lady with abysmal odds

I too seem to be cursed with an unlucky streak. Even very modest challenges fail at least seven times out of every ten.

I failed six times before Lady Luck finally smiled upon me. Never give up! One day Mr Apples will slip, and then you’ll find yourself one yacht richer.

Think of the prestige! The dinner parties! The canapes! And all on board your own mobile contrivance!

Should your luck continue to be abominable, I suggest sending a large bag of rats to one of your contacts. It may not help your luck, but it always cheers me up.

What I particularly hate is when you’ve failed the almost 100 percent several times in a row and are told each time that this is old territory for you, and you haven’t learnt that much… grrr. Even if it is, in fact, not actually old territory.

If anything failure should give more stats than success.