Lowering Connected: Revolutionaries

So, I sold the location of the Cave of the Nadir to the Revolutionaries to get a vial of M___'s B____. Now that I have it, I want to be closest to a different faction, though Myrto does have some revolutionary leanings, so it’s not without some regret.

I know I can just sever ties with them on the connection card, but if there’s a way to reduce the connection first, in, shall we say, a more profitable manner, I’d prefer that. Myrto is a bit of a mercenary.

Any ideas? I have done some searching, but haven’t found much info that seems current.

You could flip cards in The Flit looking for “Call in favours in the Flit”. Each use trades 120 CP Revolutionaries for 720 Proscribed Material and 1 Liberation of the Night (whether the latter is a cost or a benefit is left to your discretion)

Calling favours in the Flit would be, of course, the profitable option, you can also take some time to transfer the connections to the rubbery men so you can get it back after you sever ties, it does involve lots of scandal though, if you are on the fourth coil of the Labyrinth you could make the best of it I guess.

Great ideas! Thanks all! I had forgotten about the rubbery men option.