Lost Overgoat.

This force of nature was last seen at my lodgings, and has since dissappeared. It is extremely dangerous and should not be approached in any way. If you see it, please contact me with its whereabouts and I shall send a regiment to bring it home.[li]

Sincerely Gongon
(I bought a Overgoat, and it somehow disappeared. I am unsure where to ask to get it replaced.)

Edit: As Nigel said, please report here: support@failbettergames.com
They will get to it asap.
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I’m very sorry for you man, but the forum is not where to post bugs, send a mail to the address Nigel posted, with all the informations pertinent to the case and wait for an answer, it shouldn’t take too much they answer pretty fast bug reports and are helpful.
Good luck.