Lost Opportunity to Acquire Notability?

I began the process of exchanging Making Waves for Notability, but at some point I felt the need to change my attire, so I clicked over to the Myself tab, and when I returned to Story, that story had disappeared. Have I lost my chance? Will the story appear again elsewhere?

It’s an opportunity card, so it’ll show up again. Not a particularly common one, though.

Not particularly rare either, tbh… Once you have changed professions it becomes another of those cards you don’t want to get. I shall try to decrease my notability…

It’s a bronze bordered card with an elderly gentleman on it, and it’s been coming up fairly regularly for me, not that I have any interest in doing anything with it at the moment. But don’t worry, it’ll be along soon. I don’t know why they have to make it so that you can’t change your attire though, considering you can change your attire in all sorts of places - I myself have undressed and redressed in the Cave of the Nadir, for example…

It’s not that they made it so that you can’t change your attire, it’s just how linked storylets work: Picking an option on the card links you back to the root event, but it counts it as if you’ve played the card itself (i.e. the original card you played is gona, you’re just linked back to a clone of it… if that makes sense). Tabbing out to the Myself page counts as a Perhaps Not, bringing you out of the event and plonking you back on the main page. You can go change your equipment and all that just fine, as long as you do so before choosing any of the options on the card itself.
I, er, hope that makes sense. I’m not really very great at explaining things.
It’ll almost certainly cease to be an issue when FL switches over entirely to Storynexus, though: Then, equipment can be changed in a tab to the left without having to leave the thing you were doing.
As long as no additional restrictions are placed on equipment changes or anything. I doubt that’ll happen, though.

basically, it’s not like they made it so that you can’t change your attire in that one specific bit, but just a Thing in general. Knife and Candle stabcards are the same business; if you tab out to equip something, you’ll lose the card because it’s just a linked branch and not actually part of the opportunity card yourself. Changing tabs or hitting perhaps not snaps the branch, i guess, if you’re looking for a metaphor.
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