Lost at the Carnival.

So I recently got St Arthur’s candle. I was working on the next one when it took me to the carnival. So I haven’t been here in a while. All the actions are different and I can no longer steal tickets. The abillity to leave of my own free will seems to be gone. I can also not purchase tickets due to my lack of moon pearls. I am essential trapped in the carnival with no idea of what to do. The only thing that seems like it could get me out is a vague 50 fate option that sounds like it will end my quest for the name. Help me.[li]

Look for an option that doesn’t require tickets and gives Nightmares, or Wounds. Repeat, and return with many Moon-pearls.

The option you speak of will not only end your quest, but erase your character.
edited by Flyte on 10/8/2013

So I drove myself insane by dancing. I miss the old carnival.[li]

Yeah, you need to go in stocked with enough moon pearls. If it helps any, there’s only one more choice to make after that until you reach as much of the story as has been currently written.

Hahahaha, yes, that choice is ‘am I feeling suicidal enough to stab my way to St Cerise’s candle’, arf.