Lost as to what to do next

I’ve played on and off for a bit and I’m feeling stuck in the game. I like the feel and the setting very much, but there doesn’t seem to be much I can do anymore. Almost all the actions seem to be &quotInvite a friend&quot to do x, y, or z. I don’t have any friends that play. I’ve hardly played any Facebook or browser games before, so the medium as a whole is just new and unfamiliar to me. Does anyone have advice?[li]

What are your Persuasive, Shadowy, Watchful and Dangerous? What parts of the city have you unlocked? Once we know those, we can point you to where you might find more content!

Watchful 40, Shadowy 4, Dangerous 4, Persuasive 5. I can travel to Spite, Ladybones Road, Watchmaker’s Hill, Veilgarden, the House of Chimes, and Mrs. Plenty’s Garden.

I just logged in with an alt that has even worse Shadowy and Dangerous stats than you, and in Spite there’s the Alleys of Spite, and Watchmaker’s Hill has the Medusa’s Head, to start raising those stats.

I will say that you need to get those stats up to start unlocking new options. So I would suggest going to Spite (shadowy); Watchmaker’s Hill (dangerous) and Veilgarden (persuasive) and trying everything you can do.

It is a long time since I saw the low level content so I can’t add any advice on which actions are actually available.

Thanks for the advice, folks!