Lord of No Land, but still Influential

An individual may have many goals. This one picked one of… particular danger. Get to 77 Influence whilst remaining homeless. To do that, it needs help. YOUR help, as this account cannot send out Calling Cards (because they don’t have the Lodging location unlocked) by itself. It has already reached 10, but there is much more to go for the Lord of No Land.

…congratulations on Blabbing’s journal. It made me repeatedly whisper ‘what the ****’.


[quote=Eglantine-Fox]…congratulations on Blabbing’s journal. It made me repeatedly whisper ‘what the ****’.


I assure you, more will be coming soon.

Sent you a card. I’m currently accepting Loitering requests so feel free to boost your shadowy with me.

Thank you for the offer, but I doubt that I will need your assistance for a while, as Shadowy is one of it’s better stats, and I cannot access the Lodgings unless I’ve recovered from a menace state.

What a fascinating concept V. Very cool.

Thank you, Abs. I have been thinking about what to do with the account after I get the Influence I need. Most probably, another homeless challenge, but I do not know what. The best marriage possible? Completing SMEN? Something else entirely?

Has anyone done a challenge run of becoming a POSI without getting “A Name” in anything?

That would be pretty interesting, but the Must storylets are still around to be triggered once you get your stats high enough without being on the trackers. This person just ran into that problem with Persuasive.

Thank you, Abs. I have been thinking about what to do with the account after I get the Influence I need. Most probably, another homeless challenge, but I do not know what. The best marriage possible? Completing SMEN? Something else entirely?[/quote]
Wouldn’t the best marriage possible just be- dupe someone into doing all the work, and i do mean all of it? SMEN is impossible without a lodgings, i believe- since the seeking road only shows up in that location. i suppose if it doesn’t lock when the wind sets your table, it’s a possibility to hit 24 without a lodging, buy a premises at the bazaar, let the wind set your table, and while there was a brief period where you had a lodging, needs must, and it’s as close as you’ll get. it’ll also take half-a-year to hit that point, i believe.

You might be able to access Your Lodgings after returning from a Menace area. You’ll lose access to it again after you leave, but I think that works.

Due to being unable to properly RP with Blabbing, I’ll just be posting short stories about our Hobo Crimelord and it’s companions.


I lay in the shade of some towering building. One of the bazaar’s many shops. I gathered all my strength, strolled up to the shopkeeper. Barely pushed out the mysteries out of my guts and into his ear. He was happy to give me what I wanted. I took his money, all of it, along with some choice garbs. &quotThat’d be me.&quot And returned to the shade. &quotWhy didn’t we kill the shopkeeper?! I’m sure his spleen had a wonderful aftertaste of insanity! What a loss.&quot &quotAt least we didn’t KILL the shopkeeper, who knows who’d beat us up first if we did that.&quot I sigh. Maybe I should steal another message from the courier. Take their cards? Ugh, it doesn’t work that way. Why doesn’t it work that way? &quotOh, darling, just find someone that’d buy them. Everything has value here.&quot I lower the bonnet. Yes, there’s always a buyer for correspondence. Maybe they’ll give me their cards. &quotYou can take those godawful cards from the dead, captain. TEAR THE HANDS APART WITH YOUR TEETH AND FIND YOUR PRIZE IN THE BLOODIED REMAINS! Much easier than espionage.&quot I stop my hand before it grabs the hunting rifle. I already regret what I’ve done today. &quotAnd what’re your options? Hide me in some chest and wonder the world in your birthday suit? Unlikely.&quot I can feel my heartbeat approach a new low. Again, I’m trapped. My hands are not mine, and even breath is not under my command. What remains? &quotYou, darling. You’re still with me.&quot &quotMe and your senseless sobbing.&quot &quotViolence, captain. Violence.&quot


Rats. My little tribe, they cling to my coat and bring me pieces of stale bread and well-water. They know their leader, even if I do not know them. &quotMany lack such faithful servants, darling. I am quite jealous.&quot But, now, they rebel. Rebel against their god! AGAINST ME! &quotWhy, is it time for REVENGE!?&quot Yes, they will know not to betray their king.

Corpses, now. Except for one. Hamnpork, the old chap. He always knew the right way through the sewers. &quotHe deserves it.&quot My finger twitches upon the rusty trigger. &quotEnd him already!&quot He always knew what to do. Except for today. I let my hand pull the trigger.

Corpses, now. No exceptions. I crawl away, a mix of anger and despair spilling from my open mouth. I am the only sound in the night. Only the cards. My little tribe…

[OOC: And then I sent 10-20 Calling Cards to strangers due to having access to my Lodgings, for once.]


I’ve heard word of a Topsy King, that commands the Flit. I watch him in his misery from Above. Sitting upon my high-hanging throne, I plan. I think. I mull over the possibilities…

There was a chessboard, Above. I used to set out the pieces and think of the battles to come. Now, I have a card for every man and a rat for every card. No board is big enough for us. But I can have splinters. Fractures of the whole and a whole of fractures. I sit and plan and prepare.

[OOC: Well, Blabbing’s Original Mission is over, and it has gathered 77 Calling Cards, 77 Talkative Rattus Faber and 1 Business Card. It’ll most probably act as a forum RP account now. You won’t be getting such a reasonable and… readable look into it, as it’s persuasive still totals out to 0.]
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