Looting an Ambition

Has anyone confirmed that it is possible to switch to another Ambition (Hearts Desire) grab a particularly valuable item (Reported Location) and then switch back?
I’m thinking about selling my Reported Location (I’m only 1000 away from my first goat!) but I want to able to get it back relatively quickly if I need it, rather than having to wait for the scrap grind.

Well it’s almost certainly possible, but given that the Location is rather far in and depending on your current progress in your chosen Ambition it’s almost certainly inefficient. Doing the best grinds would almost certainly give better EPA, so you wouldn’t get the goat quite as soon but wouldn’t be losing out on potential progress towards the next.

And even if resetting Heart’s Desire for the Location was profitable on an EPA basis, you’re still dropping a big chunk of fate so that you can spend a huge number of actions for a single payout. If you’re willing to spend Fate to get echoes, you’re probably better off running fate-locked expeditions.

Seriously, though, you’re in the home stretch. Depending on how many actions you spend per day, you could easily have that 1000 echoes within a couple of weeks.

Yeah, I’m not getting the Reported Location so I can sell it, I already have one. I’m just checking that if some day a use is added for a Reported Location, I could actually get one ‘relatively’ easily.
But if it’s only a few more weeks of grinding, I suppose it might be better to just keep the rare item.

50 Fate is better spent getting Ray-Drenched Cinders, assuming you haven’t entered the Nadir yet.