Loose Threads

I’ve managed to get through a great many storylines so far, but some of them have proved to be quite dissatisfying. I was hoping that perhaps some people may be able to clear up the happenings in these stories, as I ended up not knowing what exactly had happened at the end.

[ul][li]The “In Search of a Stiff Drink” storyline saw me randomly using opportunity cards until I ended up being an ally of the widow…without really doing anything…[/li][li]The “Secrets of the Face Tailor” storyline ended with me feeding a bird, or something to that nature. I recieved a page that could change my face, but got no real resolution. [/li][li]The “Wars of Illusion” ended with me…performing a séance, I believe. Nothing happened further.[/li][li]The “Plaster Face” storyline lost me along the way…I had no idea how it was figured out [spoiler][color=#ffffff]that he was a snuffer[/color][spoiler], what he was doing, what he was doing it for…[/li][/ul]Essentially, if anyone could enlighten me as to what happened, whether it’s unfinished or whether I will encounter more on the stories in future, I would be most grateful.

I always thought the Plaster Face was interesting due the [color=rgb(255, 255, 255)]Albino Rat[/color]'s story.

[color=rgb(0, 0, 0)][color=rgb(255, 255, 255)]More information about the Watch Maker’s Daughter, tying in with Playing with broken toys, Polythreme and the Clay Men. Just what we know so far, it has to rank as one of the more disturbing plots in Fallen London.[/color]

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I didn’t feel like Playing with Broken Toys went anywhere either, i want more of that one.

I’m guessing in the first case, it’s another option where they assume you’ve done a given bit of content. There’s a lot of stuff like that in earlier content, simply because of how difficult it would be to skip over. For instance, one storylet I got to recently in ladybones road that involves spying on the brass embassy assumes you’ve been doing the other storylets there where you either work in the warehouse or the offices. In this case, it is assumed that if you’ve got the shadowy skill for the story, that you’ve done storylets in Spite for the gracious widow.

I got the impression that for Broken Toys to go further, we’d need access to Polythreme. Since we don’t yet, well, we can’t go any further.

Is it possible to piece together yet why on earth the Veteran Privy Counselor wanted you to get yourself exiled?

I don’t think so… You’ll probably have some life-changing experiences during your time on the Carnelian Coast. But, boy, that damnable ship is really very, very, very late!!!

@Hacker: You can always re-read stories here: http://echobazaar.wikidot.com/
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Ah, that’s an excellent idea! I might well browse through those stories and follow them more closely.

Appropriately enough, I converted the absinthe earned from waiting for the ship into Cellars of Wine for acquiring my Majestic Pleasure Yacht. Thank goodness for the Postlapsarian Synod on the Eucharist!

A few as yet unmentioned above:

(1) Looking forward to the follow up stage of the University storylets:

Having completed the case, and ending up ‘Unwelcome at the University’ - I have gone on a journey of scientific discovery, gotten all the research, and ‘Re-established my academic reputation’.

No new, or even old, options are back currently though - or an update to your university based story stat, (still sat at 30, 'an idealist to the end). Though with the option to re-establish at all, no doubt our excellent creators will be adding something on the not-too-distant future.

(2) ‘Returning to the Palace cellars’. I’d love to see what continues with a certain man-turned-beast down there.

(3) ‘Survivor of the Affair of the Box’. Currently capped out as ‘An ally of Jasper and Frank’. This one, and the tying in to Mahogany hall, and being balanced with the Wars of Illusion was quite cool. I’m desperate to know what’s inside that damn thing. It keeps rattling.
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The loose thread that really bugs the heck out of me is the Heavy Iron Box storyline involving Mahogany Hall. :-/ I still can’t open it!!

Oh yeah. Personally, I suspect it contains some sort of creature that produces glim, similar to the beetles in the Labyrinth whose chirping draws glim-fall. But that’s just a guess, really. And it’d have to be awfully hardy to still be alive.

The Wars of Illusion would be very nice to continue. I’m hoping for a way to stick it to both factions… Something about them just annoys me, heh.

There was the matter of a Secular Missionary, long ago… and more recently, the matter of Millicent Clathermont.