Looking for ways to increase Connected: Great Game

I did the tattoo’d lady’s plotline by selling her secrets back to her paramour: and now I can’t get anymore! How can I increase my C onnected: Great Game?

Try looking at this thread:


I found a good bit of useful information there.

Up to 10 Dabble in the Great Game in Veilgarden or talk to spies at the carnival. Up to 20 use a Copper Cipher Ring and cryptic clues, with that if you want to use fate you can go higher.

After that they are all card dependent, as far as I know there aren’t that many,

On the Sulky Bat card you’ll either get scraps, connected Great Game or a bat with attitude; siding with the Great Game against the Church on the conflict card; or with The Windward Tower (the decommissioned steamer lodging card); or on A Visit go to see the Wry Functionary
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There’s detailed information on raising connections on the wiki: