Looking for some Raven Food

I don’t have the money or resources to get the Antique Mystery to give to my raven. I would be more than willing to help out any generous people in any way I can. I know that part of the joy of it is actually getting the resources yourself, but I’m having huge issues with amassing enough Echos or resources to trade up for it.
(Of course, if anyone is feeling super generous, a Primeval Hint would be lovely too ;) )

I’m afraid that we can’t help you much with that. Only certain items are capable of being sent to other players, and Antique Mysteries aren’t among them. Do you have any Trade Secrets? Those will give you 5 Antique Mysteries, though if you don’t already have 2-3 Professional Perks stockpiled it may be faster to acquire one through the normal methods.

Ah, thank you. The info is much appreciated

I’m currently grinding Jade Fragments by donating my body to science on Watchmaker’s Hill for just that purpose. The Lady of Ravens has to have her Raven advisers. Gonna be a long grind (by my calculations I’ll need to go through 10,000 jade, and it’s 45 per success), but my stats are only 35-65 and I haven’t found a more reliable source in my range.

That said, if there is a more reliable source for Jade Fragments or Relics of the Third City within the 35-65 stat range, I’m sure we’d both be glad to hear it!

(The Shadowy Raven path is much easier, you can grind enough Proscribed Material pretty fast if you have a throwaway email address.)

If you are hell-bent on obtaining Antique Mystery as soon as possible you may consider taking over a certain case from Implacable Detective. With a fair amount of unconventional investigating and a bit of luck it will give you one. Though it will take quite some time. And is not a really good idea.