Looking for people who want wedding invitations

(longer post I made on reddit with some math and stuff)

Long story short(ish), I am doing the paramount presence grind with multiple characters at the same time, using zee-weddings to get the last few points of notability for each leg of it. So I can give out a whole bunch of wedding invitations

Only thing is, anyone who wants them would need to become an acquaintance beforehand via sending or receiving a calling card

What’s the benefit? Well, a wedding invitation allows you to get your choice of either a society favor and a church favor, or a greyfields 68 first sporing, for just one action (plus the first action to become an acquaintance). Favors are useful for the renown grind or just getting some profit, and the wine isn’t so useful but has a few niche uses

I’ll be doing multiple weddings soon-ish and then more at some point in the future, so I’ll have a whole lot of invitations I can send out (as many as 100 with one wedding). I don’t need them for any of my characters, so I wanted to offer them to other players, since they could be useful

don’t really want a invitation, but just out of curiosity do you think those would count as true or manufactured love storys. (best of luck)

Since they are 100% solely marriages of convenience for social climbing, I can’t even see them passing off as manufactured love stories

I will be delighted to attend the weddings.

Please feel free to send a calling card to Vahniel (profile in the signature).

Ginneon Thursday would be delighted to attend!

Doctor Shrive would be honored by an invitation.

Cattus and Kitty would be very happy to attend. Thank you for asking!

Alright, calling cards have been sent to all, except @Ginneon Thursday because it said you weren’t elligible for some reason (maybe influence already over 90 or something?) If you do get elligible, you could send a calling card to EmmaGoldman

I’d be delighted to receive any invitations.

I would love that!

That sounds fun, count me in !

Would love to receive an invite as well!

The good Preacher would love to attend!

It would be an honour if you invite this poor hunter.

An intriguing idea; count me in.

count me in as well (if still accepting)

Wedding update

First, as it turns out, things have taken a bit longer than I imagined, due to real life getting in the way. Second, while I think I’ve sent a calling card to everyone here from one of my alts, I still have a bunch of alts that either have no acquaintances to give invitations to, or just a couple people. As I said, I have no problem just sending out a whole lot of invitations, it could be an opportunity for other players to grind renown or even just get some decent profit. Though I also don’t want to overly spam anyone if they don’t want so much. So I figure I’ll just post my alt names here, and let people send calling cards to as many or as little of them as they want. Just a request, maybe mention that it is for the wedding invitations in the calling card message section, so I can keep track of that. Anyway, here’s the characters to send calling cards too…

RosaLuxemburg , rewqffdsavcxz2 , rewqffdsavcxz3 , rewqffdsavcxz5 , rewqffdsavcxz6 , and rewqffdsavcxz7
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I would gladly attend if you still have room for another guest.

Can I go see the wedding too?
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