Looking for Halloween actions (including a seeker)

Hey guys , will anyone kind enough help me do this event ? I have smen at 7 and would like to do the seeker option too [li]

I would love to but my menaces are not high enough at the moment. I will try to raise them before this is over.

I have no friends in Fallen London (other than my sister who I strong-armed into playing a few weeks ago). My menace is high enough in all but Suspicion and Nightmares (but I am working to change that). I have many sins to confess!!!

Does it matter what destiny you have chosen? I have Authority: Dominion.

Please confess to me and I will do the same for you! :)

I am a seeker as well… need to work on the menaces for that though

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I just got off of the boat so I need to guzzle laudanum or something equally stupid to get my wounds back up, but I’d be happy to do very regrettable things like discuss Mr. Eaten’s name.
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Is anyone else having problems with the site? Everything I click on now has me going to the confessions page…

[strike] I have high wounds, high scandal, and high nightmares, and I’m pre-POSI. Profile is in signature, I’ll take a few confessions on those three (no point in suspicion, it’s 1 already). Confess to me and if I can I’ll turn around and confess to you![li]

Heck, for that matter I’ll probably also accept cats. No photographers though![/strike][/li][li]
[/li][li]No more! No More! All done here now! Thanks everyone![/li][li]
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Okay, I’m grinding up Menaces for the SMEN option, but I should be there by Midnight (EST) tonight. Anyone else Seeking who can hit that by then I’ll be GLAD to see what’s behind that choice.

Sent request to asami but couldnt with the rest of you guys

I am ready for the Seeker action. Let me know and I’ll add you to confess.
Edit: This is a bad idea. No one should do this.
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I think it’s the current issue with the Trust quality. I accepted an invite to reduce nightmares from someone else, so you might have to wait for that to be resolved.

edit: I am at level 5 for all menaces with a prisoner’s mask, so willing to try it out.
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I sit ready and waiting to see the results of this Confession. SMEN Confession only.

Spoilers: It’s suffering.

I am sufficently scandalous, nightmare-ridden and under the watchfull eye of the constables, but I have just recently escaped the grip of the boatsman. I’d be more than willing to exchange confessions.

But I fear that I won’t be able to be of much use tonight. My studies demand my attention, and my well-restedness.
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So, Alonois, did you get anything interesting from that? It just gave me -50 CP to all stats. I’m surprised it didn’t give any Confession CP.

The SMEN action gives no Confession CP and no Trust either. Only pain, not even any wax.

I’ve noticed. I am saddened. I wanted more pain, and it only gives a tiny amount.

Nope. What was the message you received? When I invited some one else to share, I got a message involving dogs baying and fat flies. So yeah, unless there are multiple messages available it’s just pain all the way down.

Not that it isn’t anyways.

edit: Edited out the message. Suffer for yourself.
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That was my message. Oh well, I’ve now done it. Time to go get regular Confessions I guess.

Only traded confessions with asami atm , if anyone is willing tell me . I dont seem to be able to reach the rest of you

I need the same in general! curious_fellow, feel free to add me / send confessions.[li]
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