Looking for First City Coin Thief

Jay Nighte

Looking for someone to steal First City Coins from the Museum of Mistakes. Must have 70+ Persuasion and/or Shadowy.

My alt, Clark Ross is willing to help you!
And if it’s possible, can you send an extra invitation afterwards? I want to get a few coins for him as well!

As soon as I figure out the technical difficulties causing blank results when trying to do anything social, I will send you a couple of invitations. Thank you!

I would also be available. I remember nothing about that story and would love to redo it.
If the blank result issue persists, message Failbetter service. They sort it out quickly.

Feel free to send more invitations if needed. :)

I have met my quota, and the Opportunity is gone, literally. Guess once you hit 77+ coins, you’re done. But thanks anyways, and sorry Skinnyman for only being able to send one invitation.

No worries! Checked the wiki and it seems I forgot it costs 400 Cryptic clues.

Good luck!

That’s why it’s better to check people are willing to do this for your character – I found out about the cost after a stranger sent the request in game. Having done it the once now, I tend to offer the coins instead.