Looking for a person to grind Notability with.

Title says it all really. I’m looking for someone who also needs a Notability of 9 or higher. Anything from diner dates to straight up vampirism of a willing host Notability. I can pay in Parabola Kittens if you need proper motivation. I sorta have a surplus…

I’m up for weekly 5 Dinner Dates. I’m just aiming for 5 Notability to start, but I’m willing to go higher. I have nothing else to spend Free Evenings on. My Time the Healer is Sunday, noon-ish.

I’d be happy to take Panther Kittens to pass along to new players. I already have my own.

You don’t by chance have an orphanage? I’m a Midnighter and I’d exchange invites to my Salon (since you’re a Crooked Cross) for yours to an Orphanage. I’m not getting my notability up until later in the month though.

I am not seeking Notability, but anyone may feed me for a few MW. Dinners are apparently better than Dante’s, especially as the latter costs 10 Echoes.

If it helps at all: The Empress’ Court -> The life of the mind -> Discuss philosophy whilst taking the air is how I do most of my solo grinding for Making Waves (after I’ve done my Private Supper invitations and have run out of Free Evenings.)

It may be useful if you just need that little bit more MW to reach the next level of Notability, or if you have a whole bunch of spare actions that you want to use for MW.