Looking for a few Sapphires

Hello! I’m looking for a few Sapphires for the Bejeweled Cane. Looking to trade &quotThe gift of jewels!&quot for a menace reduction or two (whatever you think is fair). Thanks!

EDIT: Received some! Thanks!
edited by Spht on 4/5/2014

Have you considered the Pickpocket’s Promenade? It’s a fun little minigame sort of thing in Spite - you can trade 20 pickpocket’s trophies for 6 sapphires, 6 venom-rubies, 4 flawed diamonds and 2 ostentatious ones. That’s how I got my cane, and I only had 40 Shadowy at the time.

I’m sure someone will send you gems eventually, though. Be sure to thank them.

You can also try Lizard-tossing at Mrs. Plenty’s Carnival. You’ll need a rare success, but it’s repeatable and the cane only needs a few of them. That’s how I stocked up on Sapphires for my cane.

The real trouble is getting Venom-Rubies unless you’re a PoSI. I don’t know about the Spite minigame, but the way I got them was from Shroom-hopping, and that’s Fate-locked.

Another source of Sapphires is from the Urchins card - you get 1 and some shadowy if you give them some glim.

For Rubies you can try Archaeology in the Forgotten Quarter - Seeking a Thieves Cache can give them.