Long lost daughter is... lost?

Hi all! First off, I’m sorry if I am breaking any rules here by discussing fate-locked content. I will try not to get into details.
I purchased the lost daughter story last week and made it to the first (assuming there are more) opportunity card concerning her. I chose the &quotsay hi&quot option, made a handful of amber and the game suggested I might try another way of doing it next time. Thing is, there hasn’t been a next time yet. The opportunity card hasn’t shown up again. I think it’s been about a week since the right card showed up, and I’ve been flipping cartfuls of opportunity cards since. Just how rare is this card? I’m usually pretty patient, but this time I’m starting to think that something is broken.
Any thoughts?
Thanks in advance for any sort of assistance!

It’s not broken. Random Number Generator just hates you. She’ll show up eventually. Unless I’m misremembering it, in which case check your lodgings just to be sure.

I also think that at some point in the story, there’s a storylet that pops up in one of the starting areas (Ladybones, Spite, Veilgarden, or Watchmaker’s). I don’t remember where or when in the storyline, but it can’t hurt to go look at the available storylets in those places just to be safe.

Speak of the devil and he drives a soul-fork in your ear. The card finally reappeared! Looks like i’ve redeemed myself in the eyes of the RNG. Thanks for your advice, kind friends!