Londoner physiology v2

So, can someone explain to me, why are the tomb-colonists considered &quotdeader&quot than a regular stabbed-poisoned-resurrected londoner?
Why do they rot and a regular ‘resurrected’ londoner doesn’t?
Which types of body-damage heal, and which do not? Why some of them are considered &quotspecial&quot and do not heal, while others do? Why do resurrected londoners have a regular human physiology, and need to drink/sleep and have healing-regeneration processes etc? Why some of body-damage types are a lethal(like, decaptitation) while others are not(loosing your brains to a hammer)? Why some of body damage types kill fully, while others make you into undead colonists? Why do severed body-parts die? Why do bacteria die?
If most types of body-damage are not lethal, then why do diseases take their toll? What about aging?

Generally, a Londoner will heal from death caused by damage that does not disable or separate the vital parts of the body, usually as a result from accumulated minor wounds.

Injuries that separate important parts, especially the head (or just being chopped to giblets) usually bring you to true Death because you can’t heal when you’re in pieces.

Tomb-Colonists aren’t really undead,
they’re people that have died or been wounded so much that their bodies are brittle, covered in scars, or have wounds that are so bad that they can’t heal normally.

People in London can still get sick, serious illnesses like leprosy are also a big reason for becoming a Tomb-Colonist, you’ll simply fall apart trying to live a normal London life if you’re suffering from leprosy or somesuch.

Additionally, people will also deteriorate normally from old age. There’s no real fixed point of death, but Londoners tend to become Tomb-Colonists once they get too old to keep up with normal life.

There’s a location in the Tomb-Colonies called the Grand Sanatorium, Tomb-Colonists can’t truly die of old age, so the Grand Sanatorium houses thousands of very old, very broken old people in stone beds, most of them are insane and many of them are too far gone to even move. Tomb-Colonists are really afraid of going to the Grand Sanatorium, so they often look for ways to die permanently before they’re sent off. It’s unclear whether a Tomb-Colonist in the Grand Sanatorium will eventually die of old age, but it’s a garauntee that he’ll be lying perfectly still, coughing in the darkness for hundreds of years before that’ll ever happen.

edited by Infinity Simulacrum on 6/28/2017