Locked in a Hunt with no eligible contacts

I’ve accepted a challenge in the Moon League, and have become locked in a hunt as a result. However, when I go to make a move, I’m told there are no eligible contacts to send the move to, and that the target must have locked in a hunt with… (you) 1. Am I in a one-sided hunt, or is there some other reason I would be unable to send a move of any kind on my turn?

I suppose it’s possible that someone challenged multiple players, including you. And that in the period between them challenging you and you accepting, someone else accepted a challenge from them.

In an ideal world if that situation occurred you wouldn’t be able to accept their invite - I guess they would show as &quotlacks qualities&quot or something. So it could be a bug.

The other possibility is that you’ve tried to have a rematch against someone too quickly after fighting them for the first time. There’s an enforced… uh… recuperation period for battles between the same players to prevent rapid fire alt bouts.

Another possibility is that your opponent might have gone to an area outside London - menace area for example. An easy way to check that is to see if you can invite them to any other social action - coffee or chess for example.

[color=#C2B280]Did you recently conclude a duel with the same opponent? There’s a delay of up to 24 hours before you can make any moves in a rematch.[/color]

Thank you all for your insights. It does appear to have been the 24 hour rematch delay, and I find myself able to make moves once more.