Living in London

The non-fallen one, that is.

I will be living here for nearly a year.

It’s only been six weeks so far, and as far as EBZ-related things go, I’ve visited IRL Spite, Veilgarden, Ladybones, and Watchmaker’s Hill. Also snagged a picture of IRL Hangman’s Arch (my current avatar). If Doubt Street is Fleet Street (newspapers and whatnot) then I guess I’ve visited there, too.

Now here is my question: does anyone have any good suggestions of fun things to do while in London/the UK? Obviously all the normal “touristy” things are on the to-do list, but I’m more interested in finding out about little-known places, events, and whathaveyou that the guide books don’t cover. And of course all experiences on these forums have confirmed my guess that EBZ-players have excellent taste in matters such as these, so I thought this would be a good place to ask. Interesting things! Fun things! Bizzare things! Things that would appeal to fans of steampunk/neo-victorian aesthetics! Etc.! Please do share if you have any recommendations.

When I visited a month ago I found wandering around the streets to be really fun. Like just aimless wandering. I went to the park. A random guy poked me in the belly. It was a weird day. Fun though.

I certainly do an awful lot of wandering! I’m here for so long that I don’t feel any sort of ‘pressure’ to get my sight-seeing done, so sometimes I just pick a direction and start walking.