Literary Ambitions - Work on spec

Good day friends.

Some time ago I wrote several short stories using Veilgarden’s ‘Literary Ambitions - Work on spec’ storylet, and found it to be a fun and reasonably effective means of earning echoes and raising Persuasive/Making Waves. After becoming a POSI I attempted to revisit this storylet, but found ‘Work on spec’ wasn’t present, only the 3-action ‘Quick commission’ option that changes depending on the Airs of London. To my knowledge I am not working on anything else in The Shuttered Palace or elsewhere, does anyone have any idea what could’ve caused this?

Many thanks!
edited by Cardinal Androza on 9/16/2015

Are you talking about writing a short story. That is now a separate storylet - The Writer’s Desk: Begin a Work. I think that it because of the new persuasive tracker as you need A Name Signed with a Flourish at 3.

Ah, many thanks.