List of Recurring Characters

To qualify for this list a character needs to appear in multiple story lines and have memorable character traits. Who am I forgetting?

  • The Masters[/li][li]The Duchess[/li][li]The Implacable Detective[/li][li]His Amused Lordship[/li][li]The Wry Functionary[/li][li]Sardonic Music Hall Singer[/li][li]The Regretful Soldier[/li][li]The Repentant Forger[/li][li]Manager of the Royal Bethlehem[/li][li]The Topsy King[/li][li]The Gracious Widow[/li][li]Mrs. Plenty[/li][li]The Infernal Sommelier[/li][li]An Intimate Devil[/li][li]Ambitious Barrister[/li][li]Bishop of Southwark[/li][li]Bishop of St. Fiacre’s[/li][li]Feducci[/li][li]Mr. Inch[/li][li]Lyme[/li][li]Jasper & Frank[/li][li]The Kashmiri Princess[/li][li]The Cheesemonger and [color=#ffffff]her daughter [/color][/li][li]Sinning Jenny[/li][li]The Turkish Girl[/li][li]Your Aunt[/li][li]Mr. Hoffman[/li][li]The Eater-of-Chains[/li][li]The Once-Dashing Smuggler[/li][li]The Starveling Cat[/li][li]The Cantigaster[/li][li]Jack-of-Smiles[/li][li]The Vake[/li][li]Revolutionary Firebrand[/li][li]Mr. Clathermont[/li][li]Madame Shoshana[/li][li]F.F. Gebrandt[/li][li]Principle of Benthic College[/li][li]Summerset’s Provost[/li][li]Celebrated Artist’s Model[/li][li]Master Jewel Thief[/li][li]The Stuttering Fence[/li][li]Numismatrix

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[ul] [li]Cantigaster.[/li] [li]Jack of smiles[/li] [li]The Vake[/li] [li]Poor Edward[/li] [li]Revolutionary Firebrand[/li] [li]The Quiet Deviless[/li] [li]A disgrunted Naval Officer[/li] [li]The Captivating Princess[/li] [li]Mr Clathermont[/li] [li]Jervaise[/li] [li]Madame Shoshana[/li] [li]F. F. Gebrandt[/li] [li]The Principal of Benthic College[/li] [li]Summerset’s Provost [/li] [li]The Senior Reader [/li] [li]The Consumptive Cryptozoologist[/li] [li]The Comtessa[/li] [li]The Bohemian Sculptress [/li] [li]Loquacious Vicar[/li] [li]A Rofftop Urchin[/li] [li]The Clay Coalma[/li] [li]Secular Missionary[/li] [li]Your Long Lost “Daughter”.[/li] [li]Silk Clad Expert[/li] [li]The Regretful Soldiers wife.[/li] [li]Benjamin Villein[/li] [li]Careworn Journalist [/li] [li]The watchmakers Daughter[/li] [li]The Big Rat[/li] [li]Bishop of Southwark [/li] [li]Solitary Glim-sculptor [/li] [li]The Knuckle-Scarred Inspector [/li] [li]Scathewick[/li] [li]Celebrated Artist’s Model[/li] [li]Carrywell[/li] [li]Master Jewel Thief[/li] [li]Cultured Attaché[/li] [li]Devout Intriguer[/li] [li]Fading Music Hall Singer[/li] [li] Hephaesta the strong-woman [/li] [li]Monsieur Pleat[/li] [li]Alexandria, The Woman Who Knows[/li] [li]Esmeralda and Rose[/li] [li]Peppercorn


Compiling a list of potential future significant others?

  • The Starveling Cat[/li][li]Mr Twitch[/li][li]Mr Huffam (Possibly what was meant by Mr Hoffman?)[/li][li]The Civet

Does the Cheesemonger saga count as multiple storylines, or one long storyline with multiple parts? I’m not sure she counts. And most of the characters from Jack’s list, despite being memorable characters, only appear in one storyline.

I agree that while Jack’s list is comprehensive, many of the characters on there only appeared on one two cards total (e.g. Alexandria, The Woman Who Knows)

I purposefully didn’t include your “neighbors” at your lodgings since , besides being only in that one story, seem to me to be more like talking game mechanics rather than full fledged characters

The Cheesemonger I’m including because I consider You hunting her down, Working for her, and Remembering the cheesemonger, to be a trilogy of stories – but still multiple stories.

I’m going to update my first post with the people on Jack’s List (and Dawson’s) that i believe fit the bill. If i leave someone off of it, I’ll gladly debate the merits of their inclusion with whomever wants to make the case for them.

The Struggling Artist (The model’s male counterpart that oddly have no POSI Companion version)
The Honey-sipping Heiress (Well, kinda. She shows up on her own story and one early shadowy card)

Wait, maybe we should group them? It’d be easier that way. Quite a few characters are mostly major characters in Ambitions with very occasional appearance elsewhere (i.e. Carrywell), some are background characters, some are constant companions with little relation to other stories, some just show up for item conversions and little else…

The Regretful Soldier’s wife is called Agnes, by the way.

With the new content we can add the Soft-Hearted Widow, from my very first non-Newgate lodging, to the list now.
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All widows must be nice…theyre either Gracious or Soft-Hearted.

The Widow may be Gracious, but I wouldn’t call her nice.

Oh she’s been perfectly pleasant to /me/. I adore her. A woman of taste and elegance.

I came back from the dead to deliver a message to her. . . she had me whipped and thrown in the river.

I’m not a fan.